What is All About Eve?

The art of Outdoor Boudoir Photography for women to celebrate their natural style and femininity through pictures, regardless of age and size.

All about Eve seeks to capture your inner and outer beauty naturally.  Shoots take place outdoors in one of three carefully chosen locations which provide a stunning woodland or garden setting and, importantly, complete privacy.  Rather than spend time retouching images in the studio afterwards, I use natural light and give careful thought to the angles I’m using to best compliment your body and your spirit!

    When you sit down to view your pictures (with a glass of sparkling in your hand!), what you’ll be looking at is 100% you.  I want you to feel comfortable, confident and sexy in your own skin…

But it’s just a photo-shoot?

NO It’s so much more than that!  It is an experience, both emotionally and physically, which can sometimes involve a very personal journey and reflections on your own body image.

Should you decide to book an All About Eve experience, we’d like to give you a little gift!   A diary for you to jot down some of the emotions and thoughts you may encounter before, during and after the shoot.  It might even include the moment that you decide what to do with your fabulous prints!  The more you jot down, the more of a personal treasure you’ll create!

All about Eve is proud to support Cotswold Breakthrough Breast Cancer.  A fantastic group of people motivated to raise funds for Breakthrough’s important research and education work. 

It couldn’t be for me…could it?

Yes definitely!  There are so many reasons to celebrate the person you are and the body you have!  Here’s just some of them…

Feeling generally fabulous and want to flaunt that gorgeous figure of yours?
You’ve had the kids and want to celebrate your body and the journey it’s been on so far?
Perhaps your body has changed, possibly as a result of surgery, and you want to capture your femininity?
You’re approaching a milestone birthday and want to capture a moment in time?
Perhaps you just love the outdoors (like me!) and want to be a free spirit amongst nature?
Want to step out of your comfort zone and feel incredible?
Your partner wants to buy you a life-changing gift (remember All about Eve is about you first!)

Want to hear personal thoughts from some amazing women?
Our stories

Your ALL ABOUT EVE EXPERIENCE starts when you decide to book a shoot.  It will be an experience that you’ll want to savour and remember for years to come!  The most popular venue we use is Abbey House Gardens, home of the Naked Gardeners in Malmesbury, Gloucestershire, but if you have an alternative location in mind I’m happy to travel in Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Cotswolds, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and Berkshire.

To find out more about this new, exciting service, prices or to book your shoot please get in touch, I would love to hear from you.


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